Big Buck Hunter

Big Buck Hunter 1.5.2

Stunning outdoor adventures and deer hunting shooter game

From Flashman Games, Big Buck Hunter lets players take on the role of hunter, without anything actually getting hurt. This free to download and play action game puts players behind the trigger in a series of outdoor adventures.

Players must be focused and quick on the draw if they're to spot the deer and bucks running across the screen, demonstrating a quick trigger finger if they're to land a killing shot and score big. There's an assortment of in game weaponry to choose from, from conventional sniper rifles to high powered shotguns.

There's bags of mini games and side quests to enjoy too, all loaded with lucrative bonuses and extra points so you can improve your inventory and arsenal.

The main aim of the game is to land a killing shot when the prized Big Buck appears, but there's plenty to keep you occupied until you do. This arcade inspired mobile game contains all the elements that made the original so popular, with new and improved features to make this a fresh experience, even for Big Buck Hunter veterans.

Players can purchase new weapons in the gun shop, or practice their skills with difficult quests and challenges designed to test individual strengths.

It's easy to score seriously big points by practicing, with combo shot awards fr those who can off three enemies in a row. Spot the Monster Buck and land a killing shot and you'll bag an instant jackpot score, perfect if you're looking to enter the high score hall of fame. Play on your own, or invite friends to join. With Big Buck Hunter, you can ignite the competition and challenge online friends to take you on. See who can spot and take down the big buck first and learn a few tricks from your best fellow players.

Rated PEGI 12 for minor violence, this game isn't suitable for the youngest of children. This game is free to install and play, although extra features may be unlocked by utilizing in-app purchases. This latest version of the game improves previous problems with Facebook syncing and freezing errors, ensuring smoother playback across all device types.

Big Buck Hunter


Big Buck Hunter 1.5.2

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